What We Wear In 2017

2017 comes with new trends, but also reinvents some older ones. Here are 5 of the main trends that will help you improve your wardrobe in the new season.


Whether you choose pieces of clothing with vertical stripes, horizontal, small or large,  in different tones, all these will be ideal for a classy and feminine look.


Shades of pink

From powdery pink, bright pink or fuchsia, all shades of pink should be included in your  outfits in 2017.



Whether you choose delicate ruffles around the collar of a dress or you choose a top with ruffled sleeves, they will be a focal point in any outfit.


Ankle strap sandals

Neutral or colored patterns, these sandals can be matched with many elements to create chic outfits suitable for any time of day. Besides being very versatile ankle strap sandals are also very practical because it gives a much greater foot stability.


Fishnet tights

If in the past Marilyn Monroe and Liz Taylor have shown us that these tights can be worn with elegance and style, now, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna showed us that we can wear fishnet tights in a sexy manner without looking cheap or vulgar.





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