Review: The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is about my favorite highlighter, which is Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm.

At first glance the packaging is very nice,it has a retro theme (just like all The Balm products)  and is provided with a mirror, which is nice because you can take it  in your purse and it’s not necessary to have a separately mirror in case you want  to reapply the product.


The texture of this highlighter is soft and easy to blend and the champagne shade I think is suitable more for a light-medium skin tone. If you have an olive or a bronzed skin tone, the most suitable for you will be Betty Lou-Manizer or Cindy Lou-Manizer.

It does not have any glitter particles but due to its very finely milled pigments, once applied it gives a nice sheen to the skin.  I also find it very versatile which means it can be used not only for highlighting  the cheekbones, but also to illuminate the brow bone, in the inner corner of the eyelid, the bridge of the nose  or can even be used as eye shadow over the entire eyelid for a glowy  makeup look.


It is very pigmented and natural looking if you use a light hand when you apply it. But be careful, due to its pigmentation, if you apply too much you’ll probably end up being seen from an airplane. 😀

Due to its finely milled texture it does not accentuate the pores and  it lasts all day even if you don’t use a makeup setting spray. This highlighter, shadow and shimmer diffuses light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding a subtle glow.

Price: $24

Net Wt: 8.5g/0.3oz

Have you tried this product?



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