Skin types & Appropriate skincare


Hello ladies,

Today’s post is dedicated to skincare because I think is very important to identify our skin type. This allows us to use appropriate skin care products in order to achieve a healthy look.

Although no skin type looks like the other, most have features that allow them to be grouped into one of the following types:

  • Dry skin
  • Normal skin
  • Oily skin
  • Combination skin

To determine the type of skin, it is recommended to clean the skin with a light cleanser. Then, after 30 minutes, apply a clean sheet to the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. If there is no fat on the sheet, then the skin is dry.

Dry skin requires additional care, as it is prone to wrinkles and fine lines. This is especially true in the winter months when it becomes drier, there may be a feeling of tension or exfoliation. There are a few measures that relieve the sensation of dryness, maintain supple skin and, at the same time, fight against premature aging.

  1. Always clean your skin with a gentle cleaning product without soap. Never use soap as they remove the natural secretion of sebum
  2. Always use a moisturizing cream throughout the day. Apply the cream to the face with mild, circular movements.
  3. You can use a night cream before bedtime. It is recommended to use creams based on alpha-hydroxy acids (or AHA, as they are most popular). AHA are derived from milk, fruits and sugar cane. These acids exfoliate slightly the superficial, dry skin layers and at the same time moisturize the new layers discovered. They have beneficial effects on the matte, dry and exfoliated skin, giving the skin a shiny look.

Both AHA and vitamin C help reduce fine lines and other signs of aging. Thus, you can get a quick result by using a moisturizing cream or vitamin C and AHA-based cream during the night. Most of the well-known brands have moisturizing creams and contain the products mentioned above.

Home remedies for dry skin

Mix 1 measure of rose water with 1 measure of honey and apply lightly on the face. Allow it to work for about 15-20 minutes, then wash with warm water. Honey moisturizes and softenss dry skin and is mild enough to be used daily.

The regular massage of the face with almond oil and olive oil helps dry the dry skin

Take a quarter of a pear, remove the peel and scrape it. Cool it in a fridge. Apply it on your skin and let it work for 15 minutes. Then wash with cold water. Pears help the dry skin and it gives a shiny look.

Normal skin usually requires minimal care to keep it healthy. Also, normal skin tolerates the most popular lotions and creams. A regular skin care program, combined with a balanced, healthy diet, helps maintain skin suppleness and youthfulness. Regular care of normal skin includes several simple steps.

  1.  Daily cleansing, toning and hydration keeps your skin normal in shape for a long time. It is recommended to use natural products.
  2. Creams and lotions containing Vitamin A, C and E help to improve the texture of the complexion, making it softer and finer. In addition, these vitamins counteract the effects of free radicals.
  3. Even if the skin is normal, regular care is needed. The skin, like any other type of skin, is constantly aggrieved by free radicals. Free radicals are molecules formed at the skin level with exposure to the environment, pollution or solar radiation.

Home remedies for normal skin

Mash a quarter of a banana then apply it to the face, taking care to avoid the eye area. Leave to act for 10 minutes, then remove it with cold water. Banana is an excellent remedy for the removal of dead cells. Regular use of banana gives the skin a fresh, healthy and shiny appearance.

Oily skin has the advantage that it ages much slower than other skin types, because natural sebum secretion protects the skin from the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A simple but regular skin care program associated with a balanced, healthy diet helps fatty skin and lowers the risk of acne eruption.

  1. It is important to cleanse the skin twice a day in the morning and in the evening. Always use a gentle cleanser. This prevents pore clogging and the appearance of pustules
  2. Cleansing is best to be followed by applying a toning lotion (astringent) because it will remove excess of oil and sebum. It is recommended to avoid using alcohol-based astringents. Alcohol-based products remove too much sebum from the face.
  3. Make sure you have a balanced diet daily that includes green fruits and vegetables.

Home remedies for oily skin

Neem leaves are an excellent remedy for pustules. Crush the washed neem leaves to form a paste and apply it to affected areas. Let them act for at least one hour. Leaves of neem help to expel pustules more quickly.

An effective remedy for oily skin is cold cucumber. Fine-grab a cucumber or chop it into a blender until a paste is formed. Cool it in the refrigerator. Apply it on the face and keep it for 15 minutes. Remove it with cold water. To get the best results, repeat the procedure twice a week on a pre-cleaned skin

Combination skin is oily in some areas, and dry or normal in others. Oily skin is concentrated on the T zone, located at the forehead, nose and chin. Every time you wash your face, you may experience tension on certain areas of your skin; And these areas are matte, harsh and dry, while the T zone is oily at the touch and prone to the appearance of pustules and blackheads.

Combination skin requires special attention because dry areas require care, while the oily areas require cleaning to avoid acne eruption.

Follow these simple steps every day and notice the effects they have on your complexion.

  1. Clean the whole face twice a day. Always use a gentle cleanser to remove impurities, dust and makeup on your face
  2. Dry skin areas requires hydration to prevent premature wrinkles. Use a moisturizing cream on dry skin, and if possible, use an oil-free moisturizer on the T zone.
  3. If you have combination skin, the skin will benefit from creams based on hydro-acids and vitamin C. Products containing alpha-hydroxy acids tend to normalize the skin.

Home remedies for combination skin

Take 3-4 measures of papaya pulp without seeds and mash it well. Apply it to the face for 10-15 minutes, then remove it with cold water. Papaya helps to normalize combination and oily skin, giving a healthy shine to the complexion.

I hope this post helps you in some way to follow the appropriate skin care for your skin type.

Kisses, Ramona.



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