Review: The Body Shop – Shade Adjusting Drops Lightening

Are you struggling to find your perfect foundation shade?  I have the solution!


Shade Adjusting Drops from The Body Shop is definitely an ideal product for makeup consumers, makeup enthusiasts and freelance makeup artists who are building their makeup kits. All prestigious make-up companies create their own special colour adjustment, but The Body Shop brings a very practical product that is also affordable for everyone.

Shade Adjusting Drops comes in a glass container with a pipette that controls the drops which in combination with your foundation will adapt your skin colour.


As the name suggests, the lightening drops are designed to lighten your foundation shade in case you have a darker foundation that doesn’t match your skintone. It has a concentration of white and pink pigments that helps to lighten the shade while neutralizing the yellow tint of the light-to-medium foundation shades. It blends very well with the foundation and, from my experience, it does not change the consistency of the foundation. Adding a drop, create a 1/2 lighter shade.


What do you think of this product? Do you find it useful?



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